David Bowie is At The V&A

David Bowie is

23rd March – 11th August at The V&A

David Bowie has had the most extraordinary and influential career.  An icon to many and enigma to some, from the 1960s onwards David Bowie has inspired the entire music industry.  However, it is not only his music which has proven to be cutting edge, vibrant and eclectic.  His stage costumes, video imagery and artistry have also played a huge part to create the fascination which surrounds the quite brilliant David Bowie.

The V&A in London has been given exclusive access to the David Bowie Archive to hold the first and only global retrospective of David Bowie’s unique career. The exhibition, aptly named “David Bowie is” will feature over 300 items, including handwritten lyrics, original costumes, fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs and Bowie’s very own instruments.  The exhibition will also explore his collaborations with fashion designers, artists and musicians alike.

The original “chameleon of pop”, David Bowie has experimented with many guises including Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and The Thin White Duke, to name but a few.  His artistic talent and study of art, mime and fashion has lead to incredibly diverse music and stage performances.  Compare if you will, the video for “The Jean Genie” to the video for “Wild is The Wind” – the music, fashion and presentation couldn’t be more different, however the wonderful constant in both these performances is the distinct, haunting voice of Bowie.  Another comparison to make is the production of the melancholy album “Low” recorded in Berlin during one of Bowie’s most reflective periods, against the huge 1980s pop success of “Lets Dance”.  The feel of each of these albums evokes completely different feelings and reactions, yet, again, the attraction of Bowie’s voice and image is impossible to ignore.

Bowie’s latest single “Where are We Now”  was released on his 66th birthday.  His flirtation with the shock element is clearly still very much with him!  It was reported on numerous occasions last year, that Bowie had become very much the recluse.  Several journalists even went so far as to comment that this was his latest incarnation – a husband and father, for whom music, fashion or for that matter, appearing in public, held no interest.   Then on  2013, we hear, with no build up, no advertising or media hype of his latest single.  This is typical Bowie genius.  The album “The Next Day” is due for release this month and has had excellent revues.  Form your own opinion, but one thing is for sure; Bowie is as unique, unpredictable and brilliantly talented as ever.

The forthcoming exhibition at The V&A in London is fast selling out.  We are booking our tickets this week and can’t wait to see this fascinating retrospective.

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