Location Location Location – why we love Knightsbridge?

Location Location Location – luxury apartments in Knightsbridge.

It’s all about location and the hot spot in London this summer has got to be Knightsbridge.

Day after day our phones at J&K Apartments ring with requests for luxury apartments in Knightsbridge. At this time of year we are certainly safe to say that demand most definitely out ways supply.   So what is all the fuss about in this prestigious part of the Capital?

Knightsbridge is one of London’s finest shopping areas. Between Brompton Road and Sloane Street, shoppers will find London’s hottest designers and specialist outlets.  From Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Joseph, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Saint Laurent, Boss … the list goes on.  Fancy a diamond or two?  Look no further than Graff on Sloane Street.  You will find Burbury on Scotch Corner. Burberry offers high-quality Scottish goods including a Tartan room, men’s and women’s fashions and much more.
Knightsbridge is also one of the best areas in the world to shop for lingerie, especially at Janet Reger and Rigby and Peller. Of course the most famous store in Knightsbridge is Harrods. The store began in the middle of the nineteenth century when Henry Charles Harrod started a grocery shop on Brompton Street. Harrod decided to concentrate on selling high quality goods rather than trying to compete for low prices. Soon the shop was a tremendous success and began to expand into the surrounding area. In modern times Harrods Food Halls span seven rooms and cover thirty-five thousand square feet. The mammoth store also features toys and sixty fashion departments. At night the store is lit by eleven thousand lights. Though Harrods is open to all- there is a strict dress code and customers have been turned away for wearing too little!

Where to eat?  Well  – you really are spoilt for choice.  Knightsbridge offers an array of cafe’s close to Harrods where you will pay tourist prices for a coffee.  However wherever you go it is hard to find a cafe latte that is reasonably priced these days!  The best value for money we have found is the coffee shop on the top floor of Peter Jones.  If you like Italian, we love Signor Sassi, 14 Knightsbridge Green.   Signor Sassi is renowned for its simple yet exquisite cuisine.  San Lorenzo on Beauchamp Place is of course another favourite for Italian food lovers.   If you prefer to be a little more daring, then try Nozomi  – an exclusive restaurant serving Japense cuisine. The place to be and be seen, it seems. For eateries near to Sloane Square, why not try The Botanist or alternatively Colbert. If you are a fan of French cuisine – head to Kinnerton Street to Gordon Ramsey’s Petrus.

Most importantly where to stay in Knightsbridge?  J&K Apartments have a fantastic range of luxury serviced apartments.  We know them all inside out and can advise you on style, location, services and facilities to suit your every requirement.  All you need to do is call us on +44(0)1797 253 823 or e-mail us at enquire@jandkapartments.com    Our luxury apartments in Knightsbridge range from studios to 4 bedrooms.  We have preferential rates with all and can help corporate or individuals, families and groups.  We offer a very bespoke and personalised service as we value your custom.  Have a look at some of our favourite Knightsbridge apartments below.  We hope to help you soon.