Big Budget Movies 2013

Summer is Blockbuster Season – check out our guide to the big budget movies 2013

It’s Summer Blockbuster time and this year’s big budget movie spectaculars are arriving shortly or should I say; are coming soon to a cinema near you. Ever since the phenomenal success of the 1975 summer release of Jaws, the original ‘event movie’, the major studios have tempted us out of the bright warm sun and into the air-conditioned comfort of the darkened movie theatre for the next must-see-this-on-a-big-screen spectacular.

Mega-budget, mass market, merchandising monster-hits like ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Alien’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Spider Man’ and ‘Terminator 2’ are typical of successfully targeted Summer releases. It’s a film genre all by itself, and although it’s not to everyone’s liking, these films now carry the weight of expectations for much of annual studio revenues. Budgets can sore well over $100million and still flop out of sight, think ‘Cutthroat Island’ or ‘The Alamo’. It goes just as spectacularly the other way too though. Already this year, the early Summer release ‘Iron Man 3’ had earned over $1billion worldwide after only 23 days!

And there are more certain contenders for drama at the box office as the Summer season really gets underway.

Zack Snyder’s keenly anticipated ‘Man of Steel’ opens in the UK on the 14th June with Henry Cavill in the Clark Kent/Superman role. (That surely can’t be considered a spoiler?!) A week later we can see Brad Pitt starring in ‘World War Z’, the screen adaptation of the Max Brooks’ bestselling zombie novel. With rumours of production costs being an estimated, but still eye watering, $100million over budget, this movie needs a giant performance at cinema’s everywhere.

Another movie blighted by budget problems but with big potential is Disney’s ‘Lone Ranger’. Set for a late Summer release, Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer star in David Fincher’s version.

In the junior stakes, as kids start to break for their Summer holidays, ‘Despicable Me 2’ hits the big screen on June 28th, hot on the heels of another well-trailered sequel, ‘Monsters University’. They are largely unopposed until the arrival of ‘Turbo’ (the super-powered snail) and ‘The Smurfs’ sequel which both feature later in July followed by ‘Disney’s Planes’ in August.

On the 12th July, Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’ opens and even a quick look at the trailer marks this movie out as a classic Summer Blockbuster entry. We know what to expect from a $200 million movie that has a plot summary like this – ‘When giant aliens emerge from a crack on the seabed, the only way to save the world is to build robots big enough to see them off.’

And look out for the line – “today we are cancelling the apocalypse.”

Marvel and DC comic characters continue to provide huge commercial success and later in July, ‘The Wolverine’ is released in UK cinemas. Hugh Jackman appears in the title role for a notable 7th time. Only Samuel L. Jackson (6) and Robert Downey Jr. (5) come close to this comic book record with appearances as Nick Fury, and Iron Man respectively.

That leaves Logan Lerman’s Percy Jackson to return in August in ‘Sea of Monsters’ and Matt Damon and Jodie Foster star in the intriguing science fiction movie ‘Elysium’ set in 2154.

As ever, there is something for everyone in the cinemas throughout this Summer in 2D or 3D, even Jurassic Park gets a re-run in August when a 3D version is released. But it’s this year’s Big Blockbuster movies of the Summer that we’re sure to be talking about one way or another.

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