New Serviced Apartments in Historic Shepherd Market, Mayfair

Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1

Its’ History, Restaurants and Serviced Apartments


Shepherd market, a small enclave in the heart of Mayfair and tucked away behind Piccadilly, is a charming small square and piazza developed between 1735-46 by Edward Shepherd. It comprises several small side streets with a variety of boutiques, restaurants, bistros and impressive Victorian pubs.

Mayfair itself is named after the fifteen-day fair that took place in the area that is today known as Shepherd Market.  The fair was first established by James II in the 1680’s, primarily for trading cattle. Over the years the fair grew in popularity and size, attracting both rich and poor.  However, the gentrification of the area in the 18th century brought the festival to an end. A local architect and developer named Edward Shepherd, was commissioned to develop the site. It was finished in the mid 18th century, designed with paved alleys, a duck pond, and a 2 storey market, topped with a theatre.

During the 1920’s, Shepherd Market became a sought after address for some of London’s most refined inhabitants, actors and writers including Michael Arlen who used Shepherd Market as the setting for his novel “The Green Hat”.  The village-like area around Shepherd Market has something of a colourful reputation. It was at 9 Curzon Place that Cass Elliot (Mama Cass) of The Mamas and Papas died in 1974, and, just 4 years later, Keith Moon of The Who, died of an overdose. In the 1980s, Shepherd Market was where politician Jeffrey Archer met the prostitute Monica Coghlan, an encounter which eventually led to his imprisonment. Next to Shepherd Market is Half Moon Street, where the fictional Bertie Wooster of P.G. Wodehouse’s novels lived, and where in 1763 the real James Boswell (newly arrived from Edinburgh) took lodgings and wrote his defamatory diary.

Shepherd Market these days remains a relaxing and interesting enclave. There is a wide range of diverse restaurants around Shepherd Market’s main square and in its surrounding streets.

Positioned in probably the market square’s most prominent location is ‘L’Artise Muscle.’ This wonderful restaurant is the epitome of classic French charm and rustic cooking.  It almost appears to have been plucked from a Parisian lane with its warming, provincial décor.

On Shepherd Street itself, is‘L’Autre,’ a quirky Polish-Mexican bistro. A unique restaurant where you can order seafood enchiladas followed by rabbit stew! Just across the street are some excellent Turkish, Iranian and Lebanese restaurants, offering mouth-watering mezze menus and al fresco dining.  Then just a few steps away is ‘Misto,’ an authentic Italian restaurant. Misto offers classic Italian pasta dishes and real pizza (baked in a pizza oven).   It really is great value for money considering its location!

On the West side of the market, you will find one of London’s best French restaurants – ‘Le Boudin Blanc,’.  This is a very welcoming and elegant eaterie with lots of class!  The menu offers some traditional French dishes, such as escargots and steak tartare, yet you can also choose from more modern specialities such as monkfish and chorizo skewers or its signature ‘Boudin Blanc’ (white pudding sausage), encompassing chicken, ham hock and veal sweetbread.

Shepherd Market also has no less than 4 great pubs and numerous eclectic shops and boutiques.  It really is a very special place – a wonderfully quiet surprise right in the heart of bustling Mayfair.  And the great news is……….you can stay in your very own serviced apartment here!  We offer a range of luxurious serviced apartments in and around Shepherd Market which can be rented for a few nights, weeks or even months.

The first apartment we can offer is Mayfair House, a charming and luxurious property located just on the edge of the square.  Here you can choose from a range of newly refurbished 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom serviced apartments including a fabulous penthouse apartment!  With 24 hour concierge and a private fitness room, this really is a great choice.

Just around the corner on Half Moon Street is The Flemings Hotel and Serviced Apartments.  If you are looking for a luxurious serviced apartment with all the benefits of a 5* hotel, look no further.  Here you can choose from a range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom serviced apartments, some with their own private roof terrace.  We can offer you a range of traditionally designed apartments or newly refurbished contemporary styled apartments.  You can stay for just a few nights, weeks or even months.  With 24 hour concierge, 24 hour room service, an award winning restaurant and cocktail bar, this is really a very special place to stay.

We also offer a selection of serviced apartments which are within a short 3 – 5 minute walk of Shepherd Market.  These include Arlington House, 20 Hertford Street, 17 Hertford Street, Shaw House and Clarges Street.  All fantastic serviced apartments.

Contact us for special discounted rates at  or visit for further details. We look forward to hearing from you!