The Wine Cellars at The Stafford Hotel London

Introducing Master Sommelier……. Gino Nardella and The Wine Cellars at The Stafford Hotel London

A compelling history lies beneath The Stafford Hotel London, in its more than 380 year old stone wine cellars.  Built in the 17th century by Lord Francis Godolphin, the cellars are situated below an 18th century courtyard which once formed part of the Royal Mews.  In the 1880’s, the became the property of a private London wine merchant whose shingle still hangs there today.

Today, the working cellars house a constantly changing inventory of between 18,000 and 20,000 bottles – including many rare and precious vintages.  The atmospheric rooms provide a stunning venue for private lunches, dinners and wine-tastings and are undoubtedly, one of the best-kept secrets in London.

It is impossible to discuss The Stafford’s wine cellars without mentioning the man whose name has been synonymous with them for over 40 years.  This man is Gino Nardella.  Gino became a master Sommelier in 1981 and remains just one of a handful in the United Kingdom to hold this title.  Gino’s experience is vast, from his childhood spent on the family-owned vineyard in southern France to over 40 years accumulated experience as a Sommelier.   In addition to nurturing the thousands of bottles in the hotel’s cellars, Gino oversees the wine service in The Stafford’s restaurant.  The Stafford offers one of the widest ranges of vintages in half bottle and imperial sizes as well as having one of the most complete wine collections in London.  The cellars also house an impressive selection of vintage cognacs, armagnacs, ports and single malt whiskies.

Interestingly, during the Second World War, The Stafford served as a club for American and Canadian officers stationed overseas who sought refuge in the Wine Cellars.  This led to the formation in later years, of the Better ‘Ole Club whose membership comprises guests recognized for services above and beyond the call of duty to The Stafford.  One of it’s most famous members is HRH the Prince of Wales.

So, steeped in history, The Stafford Hotel offers a delightful stay in London.  It was purchased in 2009 by Britannia Hospitality Ltd. and in 2010 became part of the Kempinski Hotels collection. The hotel offers 67 rooms and suites, The Carriage House, which consists of 12 rooms and suites and The Stafford Mews which comprises of 26 suites.

J&K Apartments and The Stafford Hotel have an exclusive partnership and can of course organize a fascinating wine tasting evening with Gino! or call on +44(0)1797 253 823