King Richard III – A King in a Car Park

So finally and officially, the confirmation came yesterday that the skeleton discovered under a car park in Leicester was indeed that of King Richard III. Unlikely as it sounds, this project began as a result of determined efforts to improve the reputation of a King lost in battle over 500 years ago.  His keenest defenders and protectors, The Richard III Society and fellow Ricardians have set themselves against the Tudor victors, the imagination of William Shakespeare and the perception of the majority.

The truth of these remains was as much in the compelling and historical circumstantial evidence and expertise as in the scientific process of carbon dating bones, facial reconstruction and DNA testing. They each confirmed a little more in turn and when combined they left no doubt.

With the diligent contribution then of historians, advanced archaeological and scientific techniques, an impressive display of tenacity and research and a good slice of luck, a new and unlikely chapter has been added to our history. The result is remarkable and one of the many consequences is the welcome reminder of the richness of British history. We don’t know what might be uncovered next but we do know there is plenty to occupy our interest in the meantime. And there might be no better place to start than Westminster Abbey which amongst its many distinctions is the final resting place of no fewer than 17 monarchs!…………..

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