Verlina – delicious Greek gourmet food


We are really excited about our latest find, a company called ‘Verlina’ selling delicious Greek gourmet foods and wines.

Verlina has a new online shop offering the UK market limited production and very unique, Greek gourmet foods and award-winning boutique wines. They are so confident about the unique taste, quality and health benefits of their foods, that they branded them with their own name.

Verlina works together with artisan farmers, family businesses and small co-operatives on the island of Thassos in North Greece and the surrounding mainland area of Kavala.  These producers have been cultivating olive groves and honeycombs and producing wines for generations and their experience and expertise can undoubtedly be perceived in Verlina’s products.

Verlina sells a unique olive called Throumba, which is left to dry naturally on the tree and then dry sea salt is added in the next step, which allows the olive to wrinkle. The EU has classified Thassos Island Throumba Olives as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), which is only ever awarded to quality foods and identifies their origin and their distinctive characteristics. Apart from an exceptionally unique ripe olive flavour, Throumba has many health benefits. Tests show, that when compared to other olive varieties, Throumba contain a significantly higher amount of oleuropein, which has been proven to be a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

Throumba additionally produces an excellent extra-virgin olive oil with a delicate taste, a ripe olive aroma and very low acidity. In fact, the current production of Verlina’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity of only 0.28. It is also certified PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) and possesses all of the health benefits unique to the Throumba olive, making it far superior in health aspects and flavour to other olive oil varieties.

Thassos Island is an optimal environment with perfect conditions for bee-keeping, which is why honey is one of the island’s most desired products. The multitude of pine trees on Thassos lends a distinctive aroma to Verlina’s honeys, producing a magnificently rich, unique flavour with the colour of caramel. Apart from its wonderfully satisfying taste, honey contains enzymes, which are necessary for every function of the human organism and so has many, many health benefits.

The growing conditions in the North of Greece produce excellent grapes and excellent wines. Unbeknown to many, Greece has a long-standing tradition of wine-making, but has often only produced sufficient quantities for its domestic sales. However, its wine industry is growing as wine lovers everywhere are recognising the superior quality of Greek wines. Verlina has discovered the award-winning wines of the Simeonidis Winery and is proudly introducing them to the UK market. Verlina predominantly sells wines produced from universal grape varieties. However, for the more adventurous wine lover, they also sell Greek varietals.

Verlina’s gift boxes make a wonderful present for those hard to please lovers of food and wine.   We are recommending Verlina to many of our luxury London apartments too as welcome hampers upon arrival for our guests.